Recently in Belgium was a National Army Parade, due to the National Fest which took place on 21st of July. Belgium celebrated its 183rd anniversary of installation Leopold I as a King of Belgium, and by that introduction of constitutional monarchy which is still present to this day.



It was the third time I took part in the National Day, and the second when I was actually able to watch the Parade. I think it is cool for young and old to see some nice tanks and fancy uniforms. But it is also about something deeper. Nowadays world is marked by terrorists attacks, by hate and brutality. Parade of the army forces gives people feeling of security and hope. People get attracted by it and by that they also feel stronger feelings with their country. They feel like Belgians, without divisions for Flemish or Walloon.



Despite the fact that parade stretched for thousands(!) of kilometers, viewers were ready and you could not find an empty spot to observe the parade on the side of the road. The only way to actually see something required a little bit of imagination. So they started to climb on the buildings and stand on the cars, not theirs necessarily. That just shows how much they wanted to see their soldiers.


Besides that it was everything and nothing. The worst place in the world to take your kids, like definitely. Kids’ savings plus your savings would be gone within hours. I could start to complain about the noise, the crowd, high prices but I should spear it to myself and to whoever is reading it. But trust me, it did not differ that much from any other city parties you have probably taken part in. The only nice thing I could say about the city that day, was the fact that streets which did not take party in the celebrations, were empty and full of ghosts of the past. Really nice time to take a walk and enjoy peace and good weather in places where you normally would be surrounded by crowd.


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