Animal love

It happens to me sometimes that I find animals so beautiful to even take photos of them. Not like I do not think that all animals are pretty. It is just I think all of them have something special, something particularly nice. It can be their color, shape of their ears, tails, little cute paws … Continue reading Animal love


In the army

Recently in Belgium was a National Army Parade, due to the National Fest which took place on 21st of July. Belgium celebrated its 183rd anniversary of installation Leopold I as a King of Belgium, and by that introduction of constitutional monarchy which is still present to this day. It was the third time I took … Continue reading In the army

Bike trip to AlcobaƧa, Portugal

This year-holiday's destination fell on sunny Portugal. Before last month I have never been in this hot and steamy country. I have visited other countries referring to as South-European, naming Spain and Italy, but Portugal never crossed my mind. I do not really know why, I have always considered myself as a Central/Western-Europe person as … Continue reading Bike trip to AlcobaƧa, Portugal